Antimicrobial Wheel Catalogs

Use the links below to find the literature you need regarding Albion's antimicrobial wheel products. Don't see what you're looking for? Request it from Albion today!

Datasheets Capacity
HE Hi-Temp Nylon Wheels (pdf) 1,400 lbs.
NG Maxim Glass-filled Nylon Wheels (pdf) 1,400 lbs.
Prevenz™ Antimicrobial Wheels (pdf) 1,500 lbs.
PX Thick Tread Polyurethane Wheels on Cast Iron Core (pdf) 7,700 lbs.
PY/PH Thick Tread Polyurethane Wheels on Cast Iron Core Wheels (pdf) 8,400 lbs.
XA Series Polyurethane on Polypropylene Core Wheels (pdf) 1,500 lbs.
XB Series Polyurethane Shopping Cart Wheels (pdf) 350 lbs.
XI Series X-treme Solid Elastomer Polyurethane Wheels (pdf) 1,000 lbs.
XP Series X-treme Plus Solid Elastomer Polyurethane Wheels (pdf) 2,500 lbs.
XS Series Ultimate X-tra Soft Rubber Wheels (pdf) 650 lbs.

Custom-Engineered Solutions

Albion's growth and longevity is built on the challenges nobody else will take. Much of this involves custom-engineering casters and wheels to fit exact specifications. We're happy to be your partner when an off-the-shelf solution just won't do.

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