Quality Testing

To assure Albion's products are of the highest quality, we test to the Institute of Caster and Wheel Manufacturers (ICWM) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. We also continually evaluate all competitive products to make sure our clients receive the best quality products at every price point.

Quality Testing & Inspection Videos

  • Heavy Duty Drum Tester - 400-12,000 pounds, minimum OAH is approximately 6", maximum OAH is approximately 26", 0.5-15 MPH
  • Light Duty Drum Tester - 135-900 pounds, no minimum OAH, maximum OAH approximately 20", .05-8 MPH
  • Roll Test - Maximum weight is about 2,500 pounds, minimum OAH is approximately 4" (rollability test)
  • Impact Test - Maximum drop weight is 150 pounds, maximum drop height is 8.5' (minus caster OAH)
  • Compression Test - Up to 100,000 pounds in compression or tension

Product Feature: SZ/SV Wheel

SZ-SV Wheels from Albion Industries

Love pneumatic tires, but hate flats? Albion now has the perfect wheel for you! The new SZ/SV wheels (pdf) provide you with all the benefits of a pneumatic tire, without the hassle of getting a flat!

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